UCI MIND Donation Presentation

March, 05 2010

We are happy to have officially presented our donation of $12,000 to UCI MIND on March 5th, 2010. We designated $10,000 of the funds to stem cell research related to Alzheimer’s disease and $2,000 to the student organized group called ReMIND. We gave our presentation to Dr. LaFerla and the REMIND group at the 1st Annual Emerging Scientists Symposium on Neurological Disorders. A portion of our donation was given as an award to one of the speakers of the day. It was named the “Betty’s Foundation - Outstanding Talk” award. We are so proud of this contribution and we look forward to bigger and better contributions in the future. Thank you to all those who donated to our foundation. Together we will make a difference!

Dr. LaFerla (UCI MIND) Clint and Karah (Betty’s Foundation), Student Presentation Award Recipient, and Matt (Betty’s Foundation) - from left to right

Linda Scheck (Community Relations Director, our liaison to UCI Mind), UCI students researchers who started ReMind, Matt, Karah, Clint, Dr. LaFerla (from left to right)

UCI students researchers who started ReMind with Matt, Karah, and Clint of Betty’s Foundation